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John Robinson
6 months 28 days ago
GTD! Timing is everything! Sometimes you’re early to market and sometimes too late. I was just reading “Call me Dave” (Oakeshott/Ashcroft) and one of the most insightful notes was not to waste time dwelling on the past. The impetus of the book is to get stuff done. Always be getting stuff done. One other point about the book I’d share is when things go bad – you can still take control. (I suspect this is important for the emotional bank account) One of the MPs knew something had gone bad and was waiting for “the call”. When it came, he… Read more »
Marie-Judith Jean-Louis
6 months 28 days ago

Thank you Brian 🙂

6 months 28 days ago

Hey Brian, Still buzzing from the Summit, fantastic to meet and thank you all for pulling that out of the hat, it was aN AWESOME MOMENTUS day. 2Qs for the Price of 1 here: (1) when is the next summit??? (2) whats the plans for with SiliconReal, I and some other the other Realers are tech geeks and for me its important to keep up with whats going on in the market? Would you consider running them with a guest-host (not me) but an Iconoclast from the London Tech Scene?


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