The Return of Graham Hancock

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Writer Graham Hancock returns to discuss his new fiction book War God, why the sovereignty over one’s body is the ultimate human right, his recent TED talks controversy, and what he believes will be his ultimate legacy.


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1 month 3 days ago

No matter how many times I listen to Graham Hancock, I get thrilled each time at what a rare bird he is. He has the goods – the perception we need and the passion to send it rippling out into the world. He is rallying us, but there is no place to go. No one calls us to any table. Can we sit around a campfire together? Put David Nutt next to Graham and have Brian be the facilitator for who shows up!

10 months 29 days ago

Thanks Graham Hancock, for all your work! 🙂

That jock on the right was unnecessary to bring along. He looks bored most of the time, and obviously has no genuine interest in the living legend they are interviewing. For him it is an endurance test of some kind…see at 32:25 how difficult it is for him. It’s obvious he is a child mentally, who likes to listen to himself.

2 months 17 days ago

That was an unnecessary mean comment. Sure it was probably much to digest for him, but when he said something it was very meaningful and appropiate also that sparked important discussions.

6 months 18 days ago

He may not be a fitting pick to add to the conversation, that much is clear, but I don’t think it warrants a personal attack.


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