Professor David Nutt – The Truth About Drugs

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David Nutt is a British psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist specialising in the research of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction, anxiety and sleep.

00:00 Trailer.
02:09 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:09 Brian’s Introduction.
06:51 Why LSD was made illegal.
15:14 Alcohol, the original recreational drug.
18:28 Influence on Government and media attitude to recreational drugs.
20:17 Scoring drugs.
24:38 Social, class and racial attitudes to use of alcohol and other recreational drugs.
27:04 Ecstasy versus Equasy paper.
31:15 Calls for resignation and the sacking of David Nutt.
33:43 A youthful fascination with LSD and its effect on America.
38:11 Discovering profound impact of LSD on the brain.
43:01 Those that cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.
48:15 Analogy of drug laws being the worst censorship of research since the ban on the telescope.
51:53 David’s motivation for constantly striving for what he believes.
55:00 Brexit, a sad day for young scientists.
58:58 Dilemma of uneducated use of legal drugs versus benefits of illegal drugs used responsibly.
1:07:03 The future of research on psychedelics.
1:11:38 David’s hope for the future use of psychedelics.
1:14:14 What he never talks about.
1:15:24 Why is there no Professor David Nutt counterpart in America?
1:18:43 Judges rely on us. Scientists can change policy.
1:23:17 Risks of speaking out.
1:24:36 What to tell your kids about drug use.
1:27:04 Use of medicinal cannabis in America and implication for policy in the UK.
1:30:33 Success Secrets.
1:31:24 Inspirational successful person.
1:33:12 David Nutts obituary.
1:34:56 What he thinks other people think him crazy for believing.
1:35:17 What keeps David Nutt awake at night.
1:38:06 Phone call to the 20 hear old David Nutt.
1:38:55 Best advice ever received.
1:40:57 Advice to the 20 year old who is an aspiring scientist or questioning drug use.
1:42:44 His final good advice to anyone thinking about using illegal drugs.
1:46:04 Brian’s summing up.


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18 days 4 hours ago

Please upload future interviews on a more mobile friendly streaming programme, like youtube. Fantastic interview by the way.

26 days 18 hours ago

Guys, this is great stuff: you MUST provide this interview with subtitles for all non-English speakers.
This is not a kind request.
This is an order. 🙂

2 months 6 days ago

He would lose no staff due to brexit you would think a man of is caliber would be a bit more educated on the subject.

2 months 7 days ago

Nutt is a class act, never moves away from the evidence before him…Hugely respected..! The best of many real top drawer guests..!

2 months 13 days ago

The success secrets nagging link does not allow me to watch

2 months 13 days ago

Brilliant !! Needed to put this on in the car as well 🙂

Louise Carrier
2 months 15 days ago
A fantastic interview with a really brave man. Love his calm, well thought out, science-based approach. It’s terrible that there are still people suffering who currently can’t legally access drugs which could help. I’ve not heard anyone else here mention sensitisation until this interview – I only learned of it through House! There needs to be much more readily available information on this to patients and education of the wider medical community as it’s still very poorly understood. Love that you mentioned The Knick Brian as I found that so interesting to see how different things were – not so… Read more »
2 months 15 days ago

This was a great watch, we discussed it at work at length. Always love this kind of content. Now going off to read the Profs. work.

2 months 16 days ago

So a kind man! very intelligent and conscious of the power of certain substance can open the mind or fix the chemistry of the mind to have a better life. A very interesting interview.
Thank you very much for sharing that video.!
André Guérin.

2 months 16 days ago

Swooning over here. Your incredulity is so attractive. Thinking about crowdfunding and the giveaways that are so gamey, but then OK, make them right for the occasion. What would be right for me to receive for my money would be you. I’d like to know you. So, then I was thinking that if the call was for “us” to come to you, and those without much money give a little and rich ones give a lot, you would be collecting us all of us and I would be in heaven. I want to help do that.

Jason H
2 months 16 days ago

Great to see you in a suit interviewing this great man again

2 months 16 days ago

Brave man. Thank you 🙂

2 months 16 days ago

Many yhanks for getting the audio link up same day . It works perfectly now . Downloads straight away. Many thanks . I appreciate it !

John Robinson
2 months 16 days ago
I like the “Tron” like music… sets the mood perfectly. [0:14:52] “Once drugs become used for fun, they become demonised” – yeah, why is that? It seems to have undertones of some kind of sick religion where one must self-flagellate for thinking thoughts. I don’t qualify what thoughts, because thoughts are thoughts. A “bad” thought or even a “prohibited” thought is where the preposterous nature starts, as this is an arbitrary imposition made by someone who claims to have absolute divine insight. (AKA “Madness” or a delusion itself) There seems to be an over-riding element of control. If you can… Read more »
2 months 16 days ago

LOL. Amazing interview 10 minutes in!

2 months 17 days ago

Gracious for this interview.


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