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This incredible conversation with the former Navy SEAL and now global leadership adviser Jocko Willink taught me the true meaning of leadership.

After hearing about Jocko’s sobering and terrifying encounters in the battlefields of Ramadi in Iraq, I clearly see why he now advises the world’s top corporations on success and leadership.

We can all recite the cliches of management and corporate leadership, but the reality of putting them into practice puts you into contact with one uncomfortable truth: employees are human beings, not robots.

By nature we want to be the masters of our own destiny, we have our own dreams, we spend our whole lives searching for meaning.

Not only that! As Jocko tells me, WE ARE ALL CRAZY.

So the challenge of any great leader is the ability to inspire those in his or her team to take ownership of their role, to invest their own hearts and minds in your vision.

Hearing it broken down like that makes all the management textbooks and leadership cliches seem strangely inadequate.

Jocko’s expertise comes from his understanding of human psychology, and the complexity of everyday relationships.

Human nature under war conditions reveals itself in technicolour.

Jocko understands that different people work in different ways, and are motivated by their own complex psychology.

So leadership is not about getting people to do what you want them to do. It is about making them WANT to do it.

More than that, it is about getting them to believe that what you want them to do is also a burning desire of their own.

When you treat your employers like human beings, with power and integrity, they will go into battle for you. When you treat them like robots, you will be at war with them.

This is an epic interview, covering so much, from tales of Iraqi war missions to boardroom conflicts.

Jocko is a powerful, experienced soldier, but he is also a kind of therapist and his passion for solving the problems of human relationships is deep.


11:00 Dichotomy of leadership.
12:45 Ability to detach and view a situation.
13:53 Political correctness – is it over?
15:45 BUD/S in San Diego and why become a Navy SEAL?
18:28 What makes a good SEAL?
19:16 First deployment
22:00 Fear of being shot or killed.
23:53 Going into battle – what is it like when it comes?
24:44 In between Iraq deployments..
32:13 Reasons for second deployment in Ramadi.
34:03 Second deployment and a change of strategy.
53:23 Leadership task of taking his men to work with Iraqi soldiers.
59:42 Concept of extreme ownership.
1:02:47 Return home, how do you adjust after such an intense period?
1:03:55 Why did Jocko Willink leave the Navy SEALs in 2010?
1:05:42 Compartmentalising his family and the close bond within a SEAL Platoon and other fighting forces.
1:10:04 Remembering: Mark Lee, Mike Monsoor, Ryan Job.
1:13:42 Perspective when looking at Iraq now, since they pulled out.
1:16:30 ISIS, the fight against and America’s reluctance to participate.
1:23:06 Jocko’s sense of connection to the Iraqi people and his sense of justice and humanity.
1:24:59 New role as Corporation and leadership advisor.
1:29:30 Reward of recognising personality traits and gratification in helping people recognise it and move forward.
1:32:05 Good advice on communication – electronic to in person and visa versa.
1:33:44 How does he compare the higher performance of CEOs and that of Navy SEAL leaders.
1:35:38 Leadership is the same in companies as in the SEALs.
1:41:00 The fire and move analogy. How does that relate to business?
1:44:49 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.
1:48:37 What do you see in Conor McGregor’s mental and creative game?
1:49:48 Success Secrets.
1:50:43 Are people in America and First World countries living in a bubble?
1:52:57 Be cognisant of the real threat to freedom, democracy and humanity.
1:57:09 Great Britain’s warrior culture.
2:00:42 Working with the SAS.
2:01:34 Phone call to the 20 year old Jocko Willink.
2:03:38 Advice to the young man who wants to be a Navy SEAL like him.


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3 days 17 hours ago

No idea how soldiers operate. In the end of the day they are sent to wage war somebody else started and wage war in some particular way, not necessarily in the most logical way. I cannot understand how can you go die or lose a limb for a war a Bush started

3 days 23 hours ago

I will watch this at least once a month. Huge value beyond inspiration…Helped me immensely! Any true leader should have a good 10 “Ah Ha” moments or more.

9 days 14 hours ago

Both enjoyed and learned from the interview

2 months 20 days ago

Such an inspiration. Every time I get down at work or frustrated about this or that I think of Jocko & other military heroes that have sacrificed so much for us.

2 months 28 days ago

Thank you for this interview. I almost had tears.

4 months 17 days ago

Great interview

5 months 7 days ago

I learned so much from this interview. I shared thoughts from it several times during the past couple weeks before being able to see the whole thing. What especially caught me is Jocko explaining that war exposed him to so many human emotions in high intensity and speed that it makes it that much easier to read people in a somewhat colder and slower (compared to war) business environment, in the end it’s all about people their mind and emotions that you’re dealing with. One of my favorite interviews.

5 months 17 days ago

War, what is it good for? Is not to kill “bad guys”. War, as a basic principle, is for PILAGE, PLUNDER and RAPING OF WOMEN. USA spent 3 000 billion $ in Iraq + the blood price of American soldiers being killed. What did it got out of it? So, WHO GOT PILAGED AND PLUNDERED AND RAPED?

3 days 14 hours ago

Taking a look at your twitter feed, and reading your comment, I do not fuckin get you. It’s like someone mashed together a retarded hard-right hick with a jihadi prick.

5 months 18 days ago

Thanks. Fantastic interview and insight into an amazing and complex person. Really great. 🙂

5 months 29 days ago
Truly fascinating interview. I love how Brian doesn’t take position and explores Jocko’s world and way of seeing things. I have been pretty outspoken against the war in Iraq and tend to filter and judge along those lines. But this interview gives a unique perspective from another human being, seeing things very differently and who has been through very different situations in his life. This interview is so rich in experience and insight. YUM! I believe it is through being willing to really listen to each others stories and suspending judgement that we connect and uncover our shared humanity. We… Read more »
6 months 1 day ago

There’s always another side to this story, you should of took it to him ‘Brian’ I’m not buying it. This Cadet an asset to his president & country. Pimping leaders in so creating wars and hatred. Fuck’ a firm hand shake ‘ this guy needs a hug .

6 months 4 days ago

Any man or woman that risks his life to stop the rape of 10 year old girls and the murder of innocent people is a hero of mine. War is ugly but necessary to stop evil from spreading. For evil to succeed good men simply just have to do nothing.

John Robinson
6 months 4 days ago
Have you read “Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery” by Siddharth Kara? Guns and military are not necessarily required to stop this abhorrent ‘trade’. For example, some investors (perhaps unknowingly) direct money into development of european hotels which are actually operated as brothels and explains the above average “returns”. Airlines then put on extra flights to these regions to deliver clients… for profit, no real questions asked. As you say, its not even that good men do nothing, but are perhaps blind in one eye. Interestingly i was reading today in the newspapers that Saudi interest would pull… Read more »
George Meditskos -

This is truly incredible man, who strives to be credible… an insightful person

6 months 5 days ago

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, Trailer

John Robinson
6 months 5 days ago

Interesting. Ill check that out, though its probably judgmental to asses from a 2 min video, but… i dont know if i’d drive a truck through a war zone for 150 grand…thing about war is its volatility and extreme uncertainty. Safety absolutely can not be guaranteed. It cant even be guaranteed on civilian highways as accidents happen everyday. Interestingly i watched “The Unknown Known” (Errol Morris) a couple of days ago. That was an eye opener.

6 months 7 days ago
My study says that ISIS is a funded and trained construct of the CIA and black ops of the US military and government (along with England, France, and the Zionists), as part of the permanent war economy. Most veterans come back having seen the reality that they were being used as tools by the military industrial machine to guard and protect the corporations making obscene amounts of money off of all the death and destruction. Jocko does your love of combat and killing cloud your ability to see how you and your men were being used, or has the brain-washing… Read more »
John Robinson
6 months 7 days ago
Lots in there. Contentious. Controversial for sure. The Fed Reserve and Bank of England print money. This can be used in a multitude of ways. If you read “Tax Havens How Globalization Really Works” it will become apparent that offshore is “elsewhere” and elsewhere is to intents and purposes the wild west. One might then imagine the “requirement” for doing things “elsewhere”. On the one hand there is regulation and control, on the other freedom and no control. Two extremes. People will select the appropriate jurisdiction to reach their ends. Im sure there are some surprises to be found in… Read more »
6 months 8 days ago

Unbelievable episode!

6 months 8 days ago

Well that was the best one I’ve seen yet. Jocko, the real warrior and leader on men.

6 months 9 days ago

This is a life changing interview! Wow.

6 months 9 days ago

I think I just set a new breath-holding world record – 2h 06m 30sec

John Robinson
6 months 10 days ago
This is extra ordinary. Im not sure if its extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad. I cant tell. More than any other interview on LR, this one has me stumped. I don’t know where it belongs. Im not sure if its controlled crazy or crazy control. Prepare to kill, prepare to die. This is a conversation of extremes. Its like every sentence Jocko speaks, he stops himself as if he could easily argue the counter argument. People in general want three squares a day, a roof over their heads and a weekend squeeze. This must be obvious because of the “apply… Read more »

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