Curious Monkeys, Lizard Walks and the Power of Saying NO


A great week comes to an end once again!

From the Dennis McKenna interview to the live Q&A we did, I just want to thank you for all your comments, questions and support.

Here are the links to what went down this week:

  • This week’s episode featuring Terence McKenna’s brother Dennis McKenna
  • Dennis McKenna’s Success Secrets
  • ANOTHER vlog of me scaring people in the park with my lizard walk training!
  • An AWESOME video montage of brothers Terence and Dennis talking about the psychedelic experience
  • This week’s LIVE REALTalk Q&A where I answered your queries directly
  • And the trailer for next week’s episode featuring the return of investment banker and pitch master Oren Klaff

That’s a wrap people!

I’m looking forward to next week as we have some more awesome interviews and bonus content coming out. Stay tuned!

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