Capitalists & Anarchists – A typical week at London Real!


This has been a week of direct contact for me, as I’ve spoken and met with so many awesome London Real Academy members in person.


Again thank you London Relears, you make this family what it is. Big love!

Here are the links to what went down in the last week:

  • A powerful Full Episode with pitch genius Oren Klaff
  • Oren Klaff’s game-changing Success Secrets
  • This week’s #ThrowbackTuesday revisiting poet Suli Breaks
  • The second instalment of #RealTALK where I answered your questions LIVE
  • My Blog on Three Things I learned From Mimi Ikonn
  • An awesome interview with two Academy accountability buddies in this week’s Tribe Talk from Noorah
  • The release of the Trailer for next week’s Episode featuring David Graeber
  • And yet ANOTHER super-inspiring evening here in the studio for the latest Focus Group:

That’s this week nearly over folks, stay tuned for tomorrow’s New Episode with American anarchist, David Graeber!


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Arwa Stone
Arwa Stone
11 months 14 days ago

What an amazing weekly wrap! Great to see some new faces, Michael, Kat and finally Louise! That’s an awesome car!!!! Love you guys! xx 🙂


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